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Mole Lends A Hand

from The Wind in the Willows by GreenMatthews



Rat told of Mr Toad and his residence Toad Hall
And how of all the houses round it dwarfed them one and all
He praised his lavish welcome and his kind and generous heart
“He’s always glad when you arrive and sorry when you part.”

Rat told of stoats and weasels in the Wild Wood dark and fell
And how though quiet here and now, they oft-times would rebel.
He told of Mr Badger who dwelt deep in those same woods
And how though seeming gruff and grim, he was both great and good.

And as the Rat expounded and rowed with verve and skill
Mole marvelled at his graceful poise - his heart with envy filled
'Til he could wait no longer and elbowed Rat aside
And stole his seat and seized the oars and flourished them with pride.

“Look out!” cried Ratty “Have a care!” but Mole could not resist
He flourished both oars wildly, dug at the stream and missed.
His feet and head changed places, his world turned upside down
And next thing he was overboard, submerged and like to drown.

He felt a paw beneath his arm and upward then was borne
Rat stowed him safely him on the bank all dripping and forlorn
Then while he fetched the boat which far downriver had been swept
Poor Mole sat on the riverbank and hung his head and wept.

The Rat returned and asked “Dear Mole, whatever can it be
That has reduced you to such abject depths of misery?”
“It looked so easy” poor Mole wailed “I thought that I’d excel
But now, thanks to my vanity, you’re cold and wet as well!”

Then Ratty smiled and knelt down and took Mole’s trembling paw
“My dear chap, it’s at times like this you learn what friends are for.
If from each other help we need, we only have to ask it
Now, sit here while I dive again and fetch the luncheon basket...”


from The Wind in the Willows, released June 28, 2021


all rights reserved



GreenMatthews Coventry, UK

Chris Green and Sophie Matthews play English traditional songs and tunes in a thoroughly 21st-century kick-ass style. Using a blend of ancient instruments such as cittern, English bagpipes and shawm as well as modern folk instruments such as guitar, flute and piano accordion, they breathe new life into material from hundreds of years ago, making it fresh and relevant for a modern audience. ... more


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